45-75 EUR
19 October


45-75 EUR

Les Folies Bergère
32 Rue Richer, 75009 Paris, France

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About the show

NINA dance show in Paris!

The biggest dance show created in Bulgaria by PRJCT 360 - NINA, will be held in Paris! On October 19, 2024 at Les Folies Bergère, you will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of Hollywood life, visit a Broadway cabaret and witness an unforgettable story! In the midst of incredible scenery, dancers in colorful costumes and beautiful music will tell you about a girl who is coming to a turning point in her life. She has to make a decision whether to leave everything as it is or to change her life. Love, jealousy, crime, remorse. All this and much more in the show NINA.

NINA show from PRJCT 360 in France!

What exactly awaits you at the NINA dance show? You will fully experience the Jazz Age thanks to the costumes of Nichola Floridov. You will be captivated by the energy of mass numbers, tender duets and acrobatic solos and the overall choreographic show in various dance genres created by Rositsa Terziyska, Simona Georgieva and Vasil Zolumov. Amazed by the skill of the dancers who have put a lot of effort into this dance project, passed castings and spent dozens of hours practicing dance performances. 

The technical component of the show is no less impressive: the stage will be two-story, with labyrinths inside and LED screens around it, which will broadcast videos specially created for the show.

This performance is a real feast for the senses, which will keep you in suspense from the first minute and will not let go until the very end! Buy tickets for the grandiose dance performance NINA in Paris on our website or at the city box office.

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