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01 October


49-120 EUR

Palais Nikaia

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About the show

Live concert Thomas Anders in Nice!

A real star, a bright representative of the music of the 80s, Thomas Anders, is preparing to reveal to you the world of his immortal hits on a large scale! The artist's concert in Nice awaits you! Meet Thomas Anders with a live performance at Palais Nikaia on October 1, 2024! Incendiary rhythms, unsurpassed melodies and impeccable voice - all this awaits you at the most anticipated concert of the year! This is more than a musical event, it is a journey through time, full of unbridled energy and vivid emotions!

The legendary Thomas Anders with concerts in France!

Just imagine: this year the legendary kings of the 80s dance floor, authors of unsurpassed hits that are still popular today, Modern Talking, celebrate their 40th anniversary. And all his many years of experience on stage and with the same incredible passion, Thomas Anders himself will present an electric concert for you! A man who is not only known as a member of the band Modern Talking, but also as a solo artist. Hundreds of millions of CD sales, many music awards - he is a true icon of the music scene. 

Not every year, you can get to a concert of this artist, the last time he performed in France 5 years ago. So do not hesitate, find time to buy a ticket for the Thomas Anders concert in Nice today, on our website or at the official box office of the city.

Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of the 80s with Thomas Anders!

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Songs by the artist:

  • “Why do you cry?”

  • “Lunatic”

  • “Cosmic Rider”

  • “Strong”

  • “Sorry, Baby”