37-69 EUR
25 October


37-69 EUR

Le Zenith Sud
2733 Av. Albert Einstein, 34000 Montpellier, France

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09 November, 20:00 Brussels 37-69 EUR Buy

About the show

Show NINA in Montpellier!

Play by the rules and go with the flow? Or take everything into your own hands and become a queen? These are the questions that the main character of the dance show NINA, will face.

On October 25, 2024, at Le Zenith Sud, you will be able to immerse yourself in a fascinating story created by PRJCT360. Talented artists, who have devoted dozens of hours to dance classes, completed a summer training camp are ready to conquer every guest in the hall. 

The choreography that will be presented by the performers in the NINA show was created by true professionals:

  • Rositsa Terziyska (Classical and Jazz technique, Jazz-funk, Modern choreography), 

  • Simona Georgieva (hip-hop and urban choreography) and

  • Vasil Zolumov (Hip Hop, Urban and Contemporary choreography). 

An impressive dance show NINA by PRJCT360.

A full range of emotions awaits you, because this story will include: love, jealousy, crime, detective investigations and many other exciting and unexpected moments. Thanks to the incredible choreography, sets, costumes and music, you will be transported to the bright world of Hollywood life. Costumes that will fully immerse you in the glamorous era, also known as the "Jazz Age" - by Nichola Floridov.

No less impressive is the technical component of the show, just imagine a two-story stage, internal labyrinths, LED screens, everything will look so realistic that you will feel like a part of this story. Do not hesitate, buy your ticket to the dance show NINA in Montpellier on our website or at the official box office of the city. 

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