Price: 37-69 EUR
18 October Fri. 20:00


Price: 37-69 EUR

Parc de la Toison d'Or, Rue de Colchide, 21000 Dijon, France
Left to event 96 days 3 hours 46 minutes
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31 October, 20:00 Lyon 37-69 EUR Buy
01 November, 20:00 Chambery 37-69 EUR Buy
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05 November, 20:00 Tours 37-69 EUR Buy
08 November, 20:00 Lille 37-69 EUR Buy
09 November, 20:00 Brussels 37-69 EUR Buy

About the show

“NINA” dance show at Zenith! 

We invite you to a large-scale and in every sense impressive dance show “NINA” by PRJCT360 in Dijon! On October 18, 2024, a two-story stage will appear in Zenith, equipped with internal labyrinths, large LED screens and realistic scenery. 

The dance show will present the story of a girl who faces a choice: to leave everything as it is and continue to play by the rules or to take her life into her own hands. You will see many plot twists, bright Hollywood life, detective investigations, love, betrayal, crime and much more on the show “NINA”. 

Show from PRJCT360 in Dijon!

This dance performance will take you to the atmosphere of the Broadway cabaret with its inherent elements of luxurious costumes, phenomenal music and stylish dance performances.

The choreography created by the masters of their craft Vasil Zolumov, Rositsa Terziyska and Simona Georgieva is filled with various dance styles, performed by dancers who have passed two difficult auditions, a summer training camp and many dance classes to take you to a breathtaking story. At the “NINA” show, you will see energetic mass numbers, tender duets and acrobatic solos.

Costumes designed by Nichola Floridov for the show will complement and add to the mood of the glamorous era. 

To see the incredible dance show “NINA” with your own eyes, buy tickets on our website or at the official ticket office of the city. You can find more events in Dijon on our website.

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