39-79 EUR
Rock Symphony Voices
08 November

Rock Symphony Voices

39-79 EUR

Zénith Amiens Métropole
99 bis Av. de l'Hippodrome, 80000 Amiens, France

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Rock Symphony Voices
Rock Symphony Voices
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About the show

Rock Symphony Voices will give a new sound to rock hits in Amiens!

On November 8, 2024, on the stage of Zénith Amiens Métropole, you will be amazed by the new fresh sound of rock hits - a symphony orchestra, 5 vocalists, a 20-piece choir and a rock band!

A new, wonderful program from Rock Symphony Voices awaits you, it consists of legendary and all-time favorite hits of Rammstein, Pink Floyd, Scorpions, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queen, Guns N`Roses and many other rock bands whose work has left a significant mark on world music.

The magic of rock energy will fill the hall and your hearts, it will be a show you will remember for a long time and want to visit again!

Symphonic rock concerts in the cities of France and Europe!

Rock Symphony Voices want to give their fans even more moments of relaxation in the company of their favorite music performed by a symphony orchestra and bright performers.

Enjoy new, exciting arrangements created for you by violins and double basses, cellos and violas, harps and pianos, woodwinds and brass, as well as percussion, and a rock band with guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, and drummers. The beauty of the vocal parts will be conveyed to you by incredible singers, and the choir will add to the scale. Just imagine what a rich and vibrant atmosphere awaits you, how can it be otherwise with such a lineup of artists and such a program!

Do not hesitate, buy tickets for Rock Symphony Voices in Amiens on our website while they are still available! See you in the world of rock symphony!

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